Chel was created for stylish globetrotting women who love fashion, jewelry, and enjoy staying organized.

A fresh way to travel with and display your favorite accessories, this jewelry holder comes in four glam colours, features a sleek magnetic closing and a signature white tassel. The Chel Jewelry Traveler is as chic as it is functional. Inside, two special compartments allow for you to easily organise your jewelry wardrobe, protecting fine and fashion jewelry, and ensuring that your treasured pieces never get tangled.

Chel Jewelry Travelers come in two sizes – original and mini – perfect for weekend getaways, long-haul trips or to prop up as a display in your own home.

Chel Jewelry Travelers can also be personalized with custom embossed initials - perfect for Christmas, birthdays or as an extra special bridesmaid gift.

International Chic with a Hong Konger's Touch.

Chel by Cheline was founded in Hong Kong by graphic designer Cheline Yau. Chel is a reflection of Cheline’s international design background, eclectic personal style and passion for travel.

After graduating from Parson’s School of Design in New York, Cheline worked as a graphic designer for top fashion and jewelry brands in New York and Hong Kong. While preparing for another trip back home in 2006, and after an unsuccessful search for a functional yet chic travel jewelry case, Cheline decided to create her own.

Cheline sketches her own designs and works meticulously on every stitch and detail of her accessories – from the style and color, to the texture and finish of her textiles. The Chel Jewelry Traveler is made with extraordinary quality and care using
globally sourced, animal-friendly materials.

“The Chel Jewelry Traveler is a marriage of my three greatest loves: jewelry, design and travel. One of my favorite things to collect during my travels is jewelry – especially locally-produced, handmade pieces. The Chel Jewelry Traveler is great way to show-off both my treasures and travels.”